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About Tosya Ahşap

48 year in yours services

We submit Panel boards, furniture boards, laminated boards, melamine boards, pvc membrane boards, natural wooden coated and massive board doors which we produce by qualified material which can be used for lifetime together with broad product range which can be diversified by hundreds of patterns and colors.

Our company which combines naturality of wood and high quality over new generation door surfaces has the rightful pride of producing most qualified products and delivering to customers in shortest time period.

First impression is important for home as it is in personal relations and high qualified door feeds visual richness of your home and adds value to your home.

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Why Tosya Ahşap

48 years of experience

TOSYA AHŞAP blends synergy which has occurred with 48 years experience by its innovative and modern line and adopted qualified product and service understanding. Branding does not absolutely mean to make name. To be reason for preference is also to be brand. Ability of an operator to present more for its customer with respect to its competitor by means of market research means to be reason for preference.

Modern Designs

No matter how luxurious and glamorous your house is, people face your home door before your home. And the first impression about your home can naturally give you your door. Our company offers different solutions to different places; Modern, classical, local and sectoral, it can respond to all requests with the productions suitable for many different places

Quality Products

The basic goal of a quality control system is to prevent poor quality in production. Because the business leads to a situation that can not be undone, it was not established to get poor quality products. Knowing the components of quality will help me to approach the quality problems in our company with a certain framework. Knowing the quality components that are important in the sector as a whole will prevent us from falling back, but knowing the quality components that are important in some of the customer segments and taking steps accordingly will help you to make a difference and help you get ahead of the competition.

Customer happiness

Customer satisfaction is as valuable as any service or product quality you offer as one of the most important elements for your company today and for the future. TOSYA WOOD Customers know that they want to feel valuable. To recognize customers, strive to understand the characteristics, needs and expectations of customers The customers are always ready to listen, take care of their problems and give the necessary support for the solution. The customer is the person who is always satisfied after selling the product or service. Life always deserves the best. Therefore, our doors, metal parts, accessories, after-sales service, 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Free desk

Determination of needs, transmission of reliable and detailed information, determination of suitable products / systems for the requirements, provision of free consultancy service in this whole process is the basic tasks that our company undertakes before and during sales. Our company which is the center of Kastamonu / Tosyada offers all kinds of services and support in Turkey all over the world with specialized and experienced team, educated and competent dealer network if necessary.

On-time Delivery

Tosya Wood Door Systems brings a new vision to the retail door sector. This system is a troublesome solution in the door sector, such as difficulties in manufacturing according to the measure, delays in delivery date, and inability to produce products at the same quality all the time. Thanks to this new system it is possible to produce and deliver the same quality and durable door just in time. Our company adopts the principle of delivering all products on the time and day promised, as insured, making the principle of customer satisfaction before and after sale.

You can submit us your ideas

We always except your recommendations regarding with your products since your our customer’s ideas are very important and valuable for us.

Note: You can complete and send recommendations form to us.

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3 years guarantee

All our products have 3 years of guarantee from our company

Project Architecture

TOSYA AHŞAP provides service for construction sector by architectural model, interior architecture areas.